Let the sunshign in and get your message out

Solve the whole storefront signage problem

Design a sign on a vertical blind: sunshign. A new product designed to solve the whole storefront signage problem.

sunshign is perfect for new business owners on a budget and for temporary storefront or special event sales opportunities.

Retail storefront signage is often comprised of the store name and few other details installed in vinyl or painted on-glass as a permanent fixture. This is true even if there is backlit fascia signage above.

Sunshign example

Eye level pedestrian traffic is too important to ignore.

This traffic demands visual stimulation or it becomes inured and looks elsewhere. This fact keeps the entire window display industry busy at Christmas. But why only at Christmas?

Special events need large window posters as a way to capture the attention of passing traffic. These posters need to take into account the placement of the on-window signage. These posters also must be inexpensive.

sunshign is an ingenious easy way to replace, rotate and update brand and advertising poster creative and keep the storefront messages fresh.

Sunshign example

sunshign also helps keep solar light and heat to a minimum to keep energy costs down.

It is easy to imagine how effective they can be and how simply they work.

The creative can be replaced with new blind slat alternates at a later date.

The slats are printed and die cut with a typical vertical-blind-hanging slot. Broken slats can be easily repaired. Creative can be cost effectively married with current advertising creative or branding graphics.

Graphics can be supplied in any industry-leading software application format with sufficient resolution.

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sunshign example

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