Stilexor mosaics can be produced from almost any design or photograph

Enhance the beauty of any room and add real lasting value.

The mosaics that survived the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii show a snapshot of the life in Italy at the time of Christ.

They are the finest mosaics in the world and unsurpassed in beauty.

But they don't really fit our digital lifestyle. A little out-of-time.

The digital lifestyle is bleeding into the analog culture with pixellated graphics appearing In Real Life in fabric patterns, artwork, and sculpture. The pixel-shaped tesserae of our mosaics are another expression of this.

Designed for commercial or luxury installation, the mosaic is planned and laid out to scale, for example 1/8 or 1/4 scale, with tiles clearly mapped, in colour.

Dont need to be Koi Roy Stilexor execution

For example, the Koi Fish Tattoo mosaic contains nearly 5,000 tiles in 10 colours where the Marilyn Monroe mosaic contains 900 tiles in 8 reds.

The mosaic design can be made from almost any simple colour image. The installation location is the most important part of the design. A floor in a restaurant may use 3" tiles where a head on a yacht might use 3/8" tiles. Grout colour contrasts and needs careful consideration.

Marilyn Monroe executed in Stilexor ceramic tiles

The factors which control costs include location, size, quantity and colours of tiles. Most installations will be done on straight-edge principals. This is also the nature of cad and this as a strength as is the quick visualization of options.

Stilexor execution of Obama Hope poster

The Obama Hope Poster uses nearly 2,000 tiles in 8 colours. This illustrates the benefit of digital interpolation - the anti-aliased word "HOPE" looks much nicer than it would if it were hard-edged and a prisoner of the matrix.

There are no surprises where the installation is concerned because a proposed mosaic can be rendered in the target location before installation to make sure materials coordinate and colours harmonize.

Mosaics are permanent and increase the value of the real estate. The colours don't fade for centuries, mosaic is made of stone and tough enough to survive a volcano.

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Stilexor ceramic tile mosaics

How does Stilexor work?

Example of art preparation for Stilexor execution

Signage Designage first determines how many tiles and how many colours are required to bring off the graphic in the Stilexor manner.

The graphic is pixellated to determine the minimum possible resolution that can be used and still carry the message. The rule being the minimum resolution is the minimum number of tiles.

The graphic is then posterized to determine the fewest colours that can be used and still carry the graphic.

The resulting artwork is rendered in a 3-D application and composited with a photograph of the install location for consideration.

The tiles are then manufactured according to colour, size, and quantity specified and installed.

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