Simplicity separates one trade show exhibit from the clutter of their neighbour

NAB convention floor Las Vegas 2010 White space works

The largest trade shows attract thousands of exhibitors and thousands and thousands of attendees. In that chaotic environment it’s a simple thing that means the most. Everything else blends into the clutter.

Consumer shows or trade shows are an important part of most marketing campaigns; either by company delegates attending or a company exhibiting. Either way the costs are significant.

Signage Designage has been the creative lead on custom trade show exhibits ranging in size from 10'x10' to 50'x50'; for trades shows lasting from a couple of days to semi-permanent installations required to endure six months of high traffic.

The following are some examples from Signage Designage archives.

Roll-up banner backdrops

Roll-up banners are lightweight and relatively inexpensive, depending on the marketing objectives.

First Nations Employment Society 20'x 10' pop-up booth Argon 10' x 10' pop-up

Popup booths are popular for their simplicity and ease of installation. Signage Designage has created a number of these as well as custom-built booths and exhibits.

Xoxolatl kiosk concept sketches Xoxolatl kiosk concept drawings

Standoff letters for RCA World Busines Showcase booth RCA booth for Expo 86RCA Booth for World Business ShowcaseRCA Booth for World Business Showcase

BE Tel 30' x 30' trade show exhibit BC Tel Group 50' x 50' trade show exhibit

PhoneMart Zero and LightPipePhoneMart detailPhoneMart exhibit

Custom trade show exhibits require careful design and planning in order to keep budgets in check and ensure that the booth is properly constructed and packaged for storage and delivery.

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Rough sketches for the design of an in-store kiosk

Signage Designage presents you with an accurate visualization of your exhibit.

ACR Systems 20 x 30 foot booth

We then go on to develop the simplest working drawings possible in order to build it.

ACXR 20 c 30 foot booth working drawings

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